MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Project

2023 A New Phase


This no frills website is a placeholder until we get the nice new one up and running.

In 2023 MOTHRA will be offering four artist-parent, child-inclusive, artist residencies. Our current host institution is Artscape Gibraltar Point, on Toronto Island, Canada.

MOTHRA is interested in bringing together the parent child relationship in the artist residency setting, not separating the child from the adult for art making purposes. The children are why this project exists, and we want to include them as contributors.

What 2023 will look like

Some things we will be working on during the residencies:

We are looking for artists who have worked with or alongside their child(ren), or who want to try this, and who are willing to experiment. This is a chance to work these things out in practice.

The Application

We like to bring at least one former MOTHRA resident back to every residency! If you’ve already come along, don’t be shy, apply again!

The Details




The Space:

Any questions, comments, or bugs with the application form, please email: contactmothra (AT)