About Us, With Us.
Sarah Cullen (2024)

Commissioned by Balancing Act for ‘Wrap & Unpack’ Toronto.
Recorded at the MOTHRA Artist-Parent Residency March 2024.

In response to Balancing Act's commission, children and artist-parents read notes from the 'Wrap & Unpack' conferences in Whitehorse (Yukon) and Halifax (Nova Scotia).

Audio-recordings are in binaural sound, recorded at the MOTHRA residency at Gibraltar Point, Toronto in March 2024. Transciptions of the notes are shown below

Special thanks to: Grace, Sadie & Sarah; Nuala & Neema; Camille & Liliane; Claire & Olive; Mamie & Cosmo; Jen & Sam; Nancy & Pippa; Sharon & Lucas; Olga & Felix.