Residencies 2024

Announcing our Open Call for 2024.

What 2024 will look like

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An additional adult is a partner, parent, or grandparent, and attends as support for the primary artist. Sometimes these people are also artists in their own right. We welcome partners and family and we think their involvement adds so much value to the residency - in terms of support, discussion, running errands, baking bread…the list goes on.

In the distant past inviting a partner to the residency was discouraged and a partner who is an artist needed to pay the full price as well. MOTHRA has pushed back against this rule.

We ask that you respect this attempt to enable you to bring along those who are part of your support network, and do not invite another adult who likely should be applying in their own right as a participating artist – that is, that you only bring along a partner, family, spouse who has a direct relation to your child(ren), and who has a prominent role in their lives.

Upon acceptance and payment of deposit, we are happy to send you a letter of acceptance for funding proposals.

The Space

Gibraltar Point is the former Island elementary school. It still has a “school” feel. It’s a little rough around the edges, but has a charming magic. Most studios are large and will be shared. There are limited small private studios. Bedrooms are private. Shared washrooms/showers are in the hall near the bedrooms. A limited number of bedrooms come with a toilet/sink/shower. There is a shared kitchen and common spaces. There is also, of course, the great outdoors.


Any questions, comments, or bugs with the application form, please email: contactmothra (AT) gmail.com

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